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Five Essential Tools Every Creator Should Have

creators freelancers tiffani's tools May 28, 2021


So you're looking to get started as a Creator, huh? There's never been a better time to jump in!

But before you start emptying you bank account getting all the swag you heard your favorite YouTuber say she uses – take a quick scroll through this blog post to see if that tool is truly essential for you right now



Note: Some of the links below may be affiliate links, some aren't. All of these tools are ones I've personally used and would recommend to any of my clients!


Essential Tool #1: The Content Planner

I found The Content Planner a few years ago, and honestly it changed my life as a Freelancer transitioning into a Supporter role. The creator, Kat Gaskin, was a freelance content creator herself and made this planner as a tool for her to use to track sponsorships and other content she would create in partnership with brands. The Content Planner is truly one of a kind, and while yes, I love the functionality – above everything else, Kat is a Creator at heart, and the product itself and the packaging are absolutely beautiful.

After getting The Content Planner, you should also give their account a follow on Instagram @thecontentplanner. She is constantly showing up and providing value and helping you to use The Content Planner better, which in turn, will help you to be a better content creator.


Essential Tool #2: Google for Work

Do you want to look more professional right away but aren't quite ready for a full-on website? Google for Work is a solopreneur hack that everyone needs to know about. Start by getting a new domain registered with Google for $12 a year, When you're completing registration, you'll be prompted to see if you want to create an email address to go along with it, like [email protected] That starts at $6 a month and comes with a private Google Drive and everything else the Google Suite has to offer. 

if you want to keep startup costs low, you could use the Google doc sales page approach, and set that Google domain you purchased to forward to your Google doc so you can easily point your leads in that direction.

I guess I should also mention I'm currently writing this blog post using the voice to text feature inside of a Google doc. Pretty cool huh?


Essential Tool #3: Canva

For a long time, I was a Photoshop snob. I grew up playing around with graphic design, and Photoshop was King. But as I've grown and as technology has progressed, Canva has really won my heart. I mean who doesn't love drag and drop? Who doesn't love snap to grid features? Unless you are an actual artist creating things that need a very fine attention to detail, Canva has probably got you covered – especially when it comes to things like social media marketing, and creating everything from media kits to pitch decks to website graphics. 

And if you happen to be a Creator who is excellent at using Canva and you find it’s something you really love to work with, you can create a whole stream of income making templates for Supporters and Freelancers. These templates are a cost-effective lifesaver for those who don't have the time or skill to create graphics on their own and aren't quite ready to hire out for those skills just yet, and these low-end products can be a nice passive boost to your current offers


Essential Tool #4: Blue light blocking glasses

I wasn't sure if blue blocker glasses were just a hype thing, so I tried them out. As someone who suffers from chronic migraines and spends hours upon hours in front of screens on a daily basis, I have found a significant difference on days that I'm wearing my blue blockers and days that I'm not. They may seem a little gimmicky, but really what's the harm in taking one extra step to protect your literal window to the world around you?

Blue blockers are all the rage right now you can find them everywhere from Anthropologie to Amazon.


Essential Tool #5: Phone stand/tripod

Last but certainly not least, this is an essential tool for everyone building an online business today – not just creators. A quality tripod that will hold your phone should be light, easy-to-carry and transport, and should hold your phone steady. We don’t want your phone sliding around when you're recording talking head videos, going live, or making your Tiktoks!

If you want to be a little extra, get a ring light that has a phone attachment to it. But I do suggest you still have a portable tripod because the traditional ring light is obviously bulky and can't go everywhere with you.


These tools are all my must-haves! No matter what kind of Creator you are, you'll likely need these at some point. Let me know which one is you fave over on Instagram @newparadigmbizbestie

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