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Hey, I'm Tiffani, your New Paradigm Biz Bestie 👋

After seven years testing the ins-and-outs of entrepreneurship, I'm here to help you see how you can make it so much easier (and more fun!) to do this business thing online.

...but before I got here, I walked a long road! Keep scrolling to learn more about where I started & how I got here



Feb 2014

Tiffani puts the “free” in “freelance”

Burned out doing admin and marketing for a small engineering firm, Tiffani starts blogging & applying for internships – eventually landing a full time internship at a PR firm in NYC


Sept 2014

The unexpected push to monetize

When Tiffani learned she was pregnant with her daughter, she realized that "eventually" was NOW & started leveraging her professional relationships to get paid to write


May 2015

Tiffani leaves the 9-5 World

About 6 weeks before giving birth, Tiffani left her job and went all-in on her freelance writing business, "Tiffani Writes"; She wrote web copy & blogs for businesses she found on UpWork


June 2016

Getting lost in the noise

Coping quietly with postpartum depression, Tiffani threw herself into creative ideas, quickly discarding them before they could take off – RIP The Aloha Mama & Fair+Frugal Magazine


April 2017

From Freelancer to Supporter

In response to getting daily messages from people asking "how did you do that??", Tiffani announces her first 6-week 1:1 coaching offer for aspiring entrepreneurs


March 2020

Launching a six-figure course

With a global pandemic affecting people's lives financially, Tiffani flew into action and wrote The ENRICH Formula™, a program for helping new coaches with their client experience


Oct 2020

Experimenting in The Lab

To give Tiffani the opportunity to help more people at once, she opens The Lab Accelerator Program for entrepreneurs in the startup, scaling, or pivot stage of their business journey


June 2021

From Supporter to Creator

With a steady, sustainable Supporter business model in place, Tiffani begins to build a Creator business model alongside it, with a merch store, brand deals, & affiliate marketing launches


Is there anything about my business journey that surprises you? If there's one thing I'd like you to take away from this post... it's that you aren't required to be a slick marketing, super profesh person for you to be SUCCESSFUL AF

xo T 🦄
Your New Paradigm Biz Bestie


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